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About Heart Unhealed

I am a stay at home mom with 2 children that has trials and tribulations in life. I try to not dwell on negetive things but sometimes they do get the better of me and I become someone who needs to vent.

Tears of…

I reach for your hand as I am drowing in the pool of tears, will you let me drown or will you grasp my hand and my heart to pull me up?  Will I be fooled by this gesture and … Continue reading

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A tough decision in life

Well the best way for me to get this out is to write it out….so here I go. Well, a few months ago there was some words exchanged back and forth between my mom and I.  I am not a … Continue reading

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My Role In Life

Ok, So I wonder what is to be expected of me in life…. I’m a Mom, Wife, Aunt, Daughter, Cousin, Sister and Friend…but where does that leave time for me to me? On the Mom side…I get frustrated with little … Continue reading

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