Tears of…

I reach for your hand as I am drowing in the pool of tears, will you let me drown or will you grasp my hand and my heart to pull me up?  Will I be fooled by this gesture and have the knife stab my back with the blade of anger?  I can lay here bleeding from the distrust and selfishness and I will not feel anything was accomplished.

All the pain and the strength I given have been all for nothing….

I just want to go back to when you held my hand…and led me the way to your heart.  A bond that couldn’t be broken…well…I guess that was just words without action.

Now that I hear that your heart could be withering, I wonder is it time to push through the tears I’ve hidden behind and run to your side.  Will I be made a fool or will you let me embrace you?


About Heart Unhealed

I am a stay at home mom with 2 children that has trials and tribulations in life. I try to not dwell on negetive things but sometimes they do get the better of me and I become someone who needs to vent.
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