A tough decision in life

Well the best way for me to get this out is to write it out….so here I go.

Well, a few months ago there was some words exchanged back and forth between my mom and I.  I am not a teenager…I am a grown adult (32) with 2 little kids.  And the argument was over my kids and the lack of participation as a grandparent.

Today I called my dad and he informed me that my mom might have throat cancer.  What!?! How?!? Is my response.  I am beyond words.  With the lack relationship between us I am troubled on what I should do.  Should I give in and be the bigger person AGAIN or should I just wait for further information and decide then?  I want to be there for her…regardless what is going on between us she is still my mom and my heart is hurting for her.

My heart aches right now…regardless what our relationship is…I don’t want to loose her.  It hurts so bad…

What would you do?


About Heart Unhealed

I am a stay at home mom with 2 children that has trials and tribulations in life. I try to not dwell on negetive things but sometimes they do get the better of me and I become someone who needs to vent.
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